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What to do while stuck at home?

What to do while stuck at home?

While the possibility of losing an amount of money today, has the potential of being regained tomorrow or in the upcoming weeks, a lost hour cannot be recovered. So, deciding how we spend our time is a clearly consequential decision.

Many of us are still at home in quarantine these days, which can obviously be a little frustrating. However, it’s the first time since we can remember when we have so much spare time in our hands. But what do we do with it and how can spend it wisely?

Worse than having a strict schedule is not having one at all. Maybe we no longer have to wake up early in the morning, but instead get to work anytime during the day. However, even that comes with disadvantages. As important as it is to keep ourselves busy, it is just as important to stay entertained. That’s why we thought of offering you some alternatives that you may not have tried so far in this ‘vacation’ that we currently are without our will.

  Of course, we all want to be able to leave our homes freely and see our loved ones, but until this is possible, we will have to look for ways to get rid of stress and be happy without leaving our houses. It is essential to keep our mental health in check during difficult times, but luckily, we’re here to help! We provide you with a list of activities and tasks you’ve been avoiding for months to make your experience at home a little more enjoyable:

  • Collect clothing or food to donate

While you’re cleaning your house, you could start a donation pile to help out those most in need. There are a lot of families who can’t access the right food and nutrients through quarantine, who need to rely on someone to help them out.

  • Take up needlepointing or knitting

Studies suggest that knitting is potentially a big stress reliever. So not only does knitting a new blanket give you something to cuddle with, but it’s also going to be a healing process. Or point a pillow with a frantic expression or picture on it to seize your mood.

  • Learn an instrument or pick one back up

When our lives get busier, it can be easy to avoid playing the instrument you used to enjoy. Now could be the best time to start playing it again. Or if there is an instrument that you’ve been waiting to try and master, now is the time to learn.

  • Learn a New Language

Whether you’ve been a foreign language expert in high school, but you’ve missed the charm since then, or you’re a first timer, it’s a smart idea to download a language app like Memrise or Duolingo and start learning anything from French to Chinese. Perhaps, if you don’t want to learn a foreign language, sign up for another kind of online course.

  • Flex Your Green Thumb

If you can spend time in your yard comfortably, it’s a perfect time to get involved into gardening. But even if you don’t have a garden or a backyard at all, you can have fun in the kitchen with a little herb garden. If that’s not possible, just order your indoor plant online.

  • Improve your posture

We all know that the amount of time we spend sitting down in our everyday lives doesn’t do any good to our bodies, so working from home during the present isolation period doesn’t help. Being stuck in one place for several hours a day is the reverse of what the human body has adapted to do, leaving our joints and muscles unhappy.

  • Join a gaming session

Facebook also launched a new feature, Facebook Gaming Tournaments, in which everyone can enter or arrange an online gaming tournament, so if you feel lonely, just log in.

  • Make Ikea’s iconic meatballs

If you’re someone like us, a trip to the Ikea store is not complete until you end it with those deliciously classic meatballs at the end of a shopping spree. Although we can’t run into Ikea for our meatball fix, the Swedish furniture giant posted the recipe so we can test it out at home.

  • Help others with technology and social media

If you’re good at using apps and social media, you could support someone who may not be. Direct users to use chat applications and social media. Call them to teach them how to get help remotely, locate credible sources, and get advice online. Help them locate groups and people they can speak to online.

  • Build a lego

If you have children, and they have a bin of Legos, dump them and build them. See what you can do with free-building. Be aware though, as there are some kits that are more adult-friendly than child-friendly.

  • Take a virtual Harry Potter tour

Thanks to Undercover Tourist, you can take a virtual tour of Harry Potter world and it’s pretty magical! (

  • Get some culture

The Metropolitan Opera is streaming nightly. Click here for the schedule. The Kennedy Center is uploading new shows to YouTube every day. You can see Sara Bareilles, Gladys Knight and Queen Latifah from the comfort of your couch. Broadway HD also has about 300 classic musicals, plays and shows, according to CosmopolitanBroadwayWorld is also posting clips of stars singing songs from popular shows. The National Theatre is streaming a production a week each Thursday. You can see what’s showing here. You can also visit a museum without leaving the comfort of your home. Click here for a list.

Certainly, the possibilities are endless, but these are just a few that we have considered more special.

If you know other types of activities that you have practiced and brought you joy, share them with us! Soon, we hope that all this madness will end and we can return to our lives.

Keep in mind, however, that it is essential to take care of our health (both physical and mental).




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